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Colorado Springs Health Partners

The health care sector is currently undergoing a rapid spat of industry consolidation as firms react to every changing health care regulations. As large national health care firms merge, the fate of the small firms in the merger chain is in question.

Colorado Springs Health Partners is one of the many local practices caught up in the drama.

They were acquired by DaVita which is a huge firm that offers kidney dialysis. The company wanted to expand from a single sector and acquired insurance companies and health practices.

DaVita Medical Book was accused of mis-billing Medicaid and suffered several large legal fines. DaVita sold the division to UnitedHealth Group. Since UHG had other facilities in Colorado, the status of Colorado Springs Health Partners is in question. According to Denver Post, the Colorado Attorney office has sued to block the merger since it reduces competition in the Colorado Springs Health Care market.

It seems to me that the massive consolidation taking place in health care is bound to hurt the delivery of care in the US. Unfortunately both political parties in the US seem set of creating legislation that forces health care providers to seek consolidation.

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