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Established 1859, Colorado City was a rough and tumble western town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains named after the Blue River. The Blue River is an upper section of the Colorado Basin the settlers hoped would be dubbed the headwaters of the Colorado River.

Decades later, William Jackson Palmer (a civil engineer, railroad developer, and Civil War General) headed west to design an ideal city.

Disliking the rough reputation of Colorado City, General Palmer chose a section of land in the planes East of Colorado City and established the town of Colorado Springs named for the Colorado Territories. Colorado Springs became the couty seat of El Paso County in 1873.

Colorado Springs gradually began to ecclipse Colorado City in wealth and influence; However, Colorado City had one last moment of glory in 1891 when the Cripple Creek Gold Rush filled the town with gold hungry miners.

Colorado City was incorporated into Colorado Springs in 1917 after which the town transformed into the historic district of Old Colorado City.

Today, Colorado Springs is rapidly growing town in the Mountain West with a population over 400,000 in a county inhabited by over 600,000.

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